• Adults Over 12 y.o.
  • Childs From 2 to 12 y.o.
  • Infants Without seat


You can do it on our website.
In the search menu choose:
  • a departure city;
  • an arrival city;
  • a date;
  • then press the “search” button;
  • from proposed options choose the most suitable one to you (using the button “choose”) and fill in all the asked information (name and surname of a passenger, phone number, e-mail address and - if required - traveling document type and number, date of birth, citizenship, sex);
  • then several methods of payment will be proposed to you, and a link for the payment along with additional information will be sent to your e-mail address;
    • for some lines you will wait 10 - 15 min until a dispatcher confirms the order, then you´ll get access to the payment methods;
  • when your payment is transfered to our account, the system automatically sends you a PDF-ticket. This ticket must be printed out;
    • for some lines PDF-tickets may be sent separately in 10 - 20 min after the payment, due to registration by company dispatchers;
  • The booking information is sent to your e-mail address.
  • At the top of our webpage you can press the button “cart” and view a list of your orders.
  • You can view your order in your personal account.
  • You can use the link “My ticket” on our website and fill in your ticket number and the security code.
These contacts we need to inform passengers of possible changes in their routes without any delay.
The ticket must be printed out.
  • The exchange form must be printed out and before the departure exchanged for a ticket in our booking offices at the bus stations.
  • For the E-Ticket just present the QR code on your phone for the ticket registration by a controller.
If you have made a mistake, write us an e-mail indicating the ticket number and the problem or contact our Call Centre. For some routes up to three mistakes in a passenger´s name and/or surname are acceptable. However, for another routes passengers have to pay some fee for their data change. When traveling to Europe a passenger has to fill in his/her name and surname as written in the passport.
To change the date in your ticket, you have to send us an e-mail indicating your ticket number and the desired date or you can contact our Call Centre. For some routes you have to pay a fee to change the date.
This means that the bus/coach operator does not offer any opportunity to choose a specific seat on the board. The seat number will be given by a driver or steward when boarding the bus.
You have to buy a ticket even for a toddler but you can choose any possible type of a fare discount (if offered by a tranportation provider).
As a system selling tickets, we operate with a lot of routes of different carriers having different conditions of transportation. To get information choose the route you are interested in and address our Call Centre to clarify the information.
This information is indicated when choosing the route. You can also find it in your ticket text.
When boarding you need your printed ticket, ID/passport, in the case of any discount you also present the document proving the category of the chosen discount. Travelling to Europe you need a visa as well as an insurance policy.
As a rule, it is not allowed to any bus/coach to wait for late passengers, especially at the bus stations. An exception can be made if the bus transportation provider and bus driver agreed, then the bus could wait few minutes outside the bus station, for example at a gas station.
The departure and arrival times are indicated according to the local time that is the time of the country you are departing from or arriving to.
The exchange form has to be exchanged in a booking office at least 30 minutes before the departure, then you will get a boarding ticket.
You have to print out the exchange form in order to exchange it in a booking office before the departure.
You need to get a Schengen visa, yet to avoid any misunderstandings, we recommend you to address the competent structures, for example Schengen countries consulates.
  • All the information we get from carriers is indicated on our website.
  • The departure time is always exact.
  • The arrival time is indicated approximately, especially for the routes crossing country borders. The arrival time may vary depending on the road situation (traffic jams, boarder crossing, weather conditions).
This information is indicated in each ticket, most tickets have a map with an image of the departure location. All the bus stations and the departure locations you can also view on our website in the section “stations”.
The ticket with an open date (open ticket) is a ticket for a certain route, a certain carrier, without any fixed departure date. The passenger has to indicate the date of the departure later and register the ticket (you can do it by yourself on our website or you can address our Call Centre). The open ticket has limited validity, i.e. the deadline until that the ticket can be used.
The open ticket you can register by yourself on our website. Just indicate the number of the ticket and choose the date. Depending on a bus operator, ticket validity may vary from 30 to 180 days. You can also contact our Call Centre and we will register it for you.
We cooperate with the booking offices and bus operators directly, thus some of the routes available on our site are not available for sale at booking offices.
As in our system the bus stations servers and the private servers are integrated, there can be displayed 2 or more routes departing at the same time, from the same station, yet charging different prices. (Names of the routes and carriers may differ).
There is no need to buy the ticket for the most expensive route. Usually, the bus station routes and the private systems add to their fares some additional charges (the internet presale, bus station services etc.), that is why the price can be higher than the usual one).
It is possible, you have to contact our Call Centre. If the changed ticket is more expensive, the passenger is asked to pay the difference. Some bus operators charge a fee for the change, even if the prices of both tickets are the same.
To carry more luggage then permitted is allowed, only if there is some free room in the luggage compartment. The possibility is extra charged. The free room in the luggage compartment is defined by a bus/coach driver when boarding, paying attention to the general number of the bus passengers, approaching and leaving passengers on the route, and other factors.

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